UnBBayes Around the World

Have you ever heard about UnBBayes? Is this the first time you see it around? Would you like to know what the community think about it?

If not, have you ever used UnBBayes? Have you ever written an article and referenced it? Did you like it?

Well, here we will show some references and comments about UnBBayes. We would love to list all projects and articles that ever used or mentioned UnBBayes, but unfortunately we do not know them all.

If you know any other project, article, link, whatever that used or talked about UnBBayes, please let us know! We, and the community, would appreciate it a lot! Please send us an e-mail (rommel.carvalho@gmail.com) talking about it. We also encourage the curious user to send his/her comment to us. We will try our best to make this open source project better and better.

Now, the awaited list: