UnBBayes Presentations

We have been working hard to make UnBBayes easier to use and more accessible to users. Another step towards this goal is the publication of presentations we have given before about UnBBayes in our web page.

We would be glad to know what you think about it and if you have any especial requests to make.

UnBBayes Overview

The overview is presented through a slides potpourri from different presentations the Artificial Intelligence Group (GIA) from University of Brasilia (UnB) has given since 1999. It covers BN, ID, MSBN, UnBBayes Server, and MEBN.

This presentation was given by Rommel Carvalho when he started his PhD at George Mason University on the Friday seminar called Krypton (http://krypton.c4i.gmu.edu/).

UnBBayes Plugin Framework

This presentation talks about UnBBayes version 4.0.0, which is the first version that supports plugins. In it we present the major concepts behind this Plugin Framework, features and benefits, applications, some sample plugins, specification, extension points, and availability.

This presentation was given by Shou Matsumoto from the University of Brasilia in Brazil via web conference to PhD students at George Mason University in the US on the Friday seminar called Krypton (http://krypton.c4i.gmu.edu/).