Release History

Version Date Description
4.0.0 2010-03-23 First UnBBayes Plugin Framework release
3.52.7-BETA 2009-09-11 Fifth UnBBayes-MEBN beta release
3.27.9-BETA 2009-01-12 Fourth UnBBayes-MEBN beta release
3.8.3-BETA 2008-07-31 Third UnBBayes-MEBN beta release
3.4.29-BETA 2008-05-20 Second UnBBayes-MEBN beta release

Release 4.0.0 - 2010-03-23

Type Changes By
add Plugin for forms for discrete nodes' conditional functions. Fixes 2930755. Shou Matsumoto
add Convert PN I/O classes into plugins. Fixes 2928791. Shou Matsumoto
add Plugin support for localization. Fixes 2913286. Shou Matsumoto
add Plugin support for creating a new type of node. Fixes 2913285. Shou Matsumoto
add Plugin support for PN Module's IO. Fixes 2913283. Shou Matsumoto
add GUI Split Pane improvements. Fixes 2908367. Rommel Carvalho
add Change text size in Belief Bar. Fixes 2872601. Rommel Carvalho
fix Chow-Liu learning algorithm was not working at all. Fixes 2950752. Shou Matsumoto
fix We cannot invert edge's direction in Learning modules. Fixes 2950741. Shou Matsumoto
fix Edge's popup menu is implemented on code, but not working. Fixes 2950738. Shou Matsumoto
fix Context node not updated. Fixes 2941111. Young Park
fix MEBN node being unselected after change. Fixes 2941107. Young Park
fix Node size not saved/loaded. Fixes 2941106. Young Park
fix Node size is not kept as user defined. Fixes 2941104. Young Park
fix Cannot remove an edge. Fixes 2941102. Shou Matsumoto
fix Cannot load plugin within JAR or ZIP. Fixes 2925264. Shou Matsumoto
fix The fit to text popup menu does nothing at OOBN's instances. Fixes 2924961. Shou Matsumoto
fix Align option is not moving edges. Fixes 2922304. Young Park
fix ContinuousNode's name and description text field not updated. Fixes 2922299. Shou Matsumoto
fix Properties of continuous node. Fixes 2922295. Shou Matsumoto
fix Remove separators which are d-separated at ssbn creation. Fixes 2918072. Shou Matsumoto
fix Fix StarTrek LPD definitions. Fixes 2916415. Rommel Carvalho
fix Error compiling network with utility node. Fixes 2913241. Shou Matsumoto
fix Vertexes do not disappear at OOBN module. Fixes 2910768. Shou Matsumoto
fix Movable inner oobn nodes. Fixes 2910763. Shou Matsumoto

Release 3.52.7-BETA - 2009-09-11

Type Changes By
add Show findings in different color in SSBN. Fixes 2845145. Rommel Carvalho
add Add look and feel for current system. Fixes 2845109. Rommel Carvalho
add Add Metaphor, Medical Metaphor, and UnBMiner to UnBBayes. Fixes 2832727. Rommel Carvalho
add Integrate Pruning with Grand BN construction. Fixes 2826255. Shou Matsumoto
add Prune Grand BN using d-separation. Fixes 2826254. Shou Matsumoto
add New Grand BN construction. Fixes 2826253. Laecio Lima
add Generic Progress Bar. Fixes 2825695. Aditya Mugali
add Create XMLBIF version 6. Fixes 2825459. Rommel Carvalho
add New GUI. Fixes 2819956. Young Park
add Allow inference with Gibbs. Fixes 2790229. Rommel Carvalho
add Add simulation to GUI. Fixes 2790228. Rommel Carvalho
add Gibbs Sampling. Fixes 2790227. Rommel Carvalho
add Allow finding in evaluation. Fixes 2787581. Rommel Carvalho
add Implement test case for Evaluation module. Fixes 2708052. Rommel Carvalho
add Compute exact confusion matrix. Fixes 2564961. Rommel Carvalho
add Compute error for evaluation. Fixes 2542566. Rommel Carvalho
add Include Load and Save DNE format in GUI. Fixes 2539912. Rommel Carvalho
add Load and Save DNE format. Fixes 2539910. Rommel Carvalho
add Include PCC marginal improvement and cost rate in GUI. Fixes 2521242. Rommel Carvalho
add Compute evidence cost rate. Fixes 2521225. Rommel Carvalho
add Compute marginal improvement. Fixes 2521222. Rommel Carvalho
add Remove Java 6 dependency. Fixes 2521210. Rommel Carvalho
add Implement OOBN -> MSBN convertion tool. Fixes 2286477. Shou Matsumoto
add Arrows at node's edge (outer line). Fixes 1908023. Young Park
add Self-resizing nodes. Fixes 1908018. Young Park
fix Incorrect OV reference for input nodes in LPD. Fixes 2845111. Shou Matsumoto
fix Invert table's variable order in XML-BIF 5 loader. Fixes 2707961. Rommel Carvalho
fix Bug in listener of changes in Node name. Fixes 2583323. Laecio Lima
fix Out of bounds when evaluating. Fixes 2539903. Rommel Carvalho
fix Monte carlo gives array out of bounds. Fixes 2539894. Rommel Carvalho
fix OOBN compile failure on input instantiating input. Fixes 2390083. Shou Matsumoto
fix Resizing of nodes are not applicable anymore (ordinal BN). Fixes 1954465. Young Park

Release 3.27.9-BETA - 2009-01-12

Type Changes By
add Implement average correct classification probability. Fixes 2502330. Rommel Carvalho
add Net 3rd Spec for OOBN I/O. Fixes 2286514. Shou Matsumoto
add Implement OOBN visual edition. Fixes 2286474. Shou Matsumoto
add Load and Save XMLBIF version 0.5. Fixes 2286048. Rommel Carvalho
add Change CPT edition behaviour. Fixes 2272627. Rommel Carvalho
add Add delete and reset button to edition of pn's. Fixes 2258810. Laécio Lima
add Resize table panel. Fixes 2234791. Rommel Carvalho
add Load and Save BN with continuous node. Fixes 2221807. Rommel Carvalho
add GUI to model continuous node. Fixes 2208499. Rommel Carvalho
add Add continuous node to BN. Fixes 2208491. Rommel Carvalho
add Include Likelihood Weighting in GUI Framework. Fixes 2204389. Rommel Carvalho
add Adjust the divider after compilation. Fixes 2192929. Rommel Carvalho
add Likelihood Weighting Inference. Fixes 2192859. Rommel Carvalho
add Likelihood Weighting Sampling. Fixes 2190279. Rommel Carvalho
add Evaluate PN by calculating P(T|T). Fixes 2131239. Rommel Carvalho
add Ordering resident node list in query and finding list. Fixes 2117095. Laécio Lima
add Nested IF for MEBN CPT. Fixes 2037996. Shou Matsumoto
add Indicate presence of finding. Fixes 2027175. Laécio Lima
add Propose new SSBN algorithm considering evidences "below". Fixes 1908040. Paulo Costa
fix Update node index map. Fixes 2380157. Rommel Carvalho
fix Node order in evaluation is wrong. Fixes 2190264. Rommel Carvalho
fix MC sampler generates state 0 for range from 0.0 to 0.0. Fixes 2125443. Rommel Carvalho
fix MC sampler always generates state 0. Fixes 2125441. Rommel Carvalho
fix HarmPotential(ST3,T15) generates unknown error (-1). Fixes 1956734. Laécio Lima
fix Blue buttons looks horrible in different look'n'feel. Fixes 1949136. Laécio Lima
fix After generating SSBN, the leftmost tree' panel is too small. Fixes 1949118. Laécio Lima
fix Cannot change MTheory's name. Fixes 1949087. Laécio Lima
fix Strange behavior when query->move node. Fixes 1907274. Shou Matsumoto

Release 3.8.3-BETA - 2008-07-31

Type Changes By
add Implement SSBN algorithm with evidences "below". Fixes 2008231. Laécio Lima
add Develop new Web site using Maven. Fixes 2023512. Rommel Carvalho
add Remove a finding. Fixes 2027165. Laécio Lima
add upgrade in search context node evaluation. Fixes 2033356. Laécio Lima
fix Compiler bug when ther are only invalid parents. Fixes 1994411. Shou Matsumoto
fix Compiler doesn't accept complex boolean expression. Fixes 2014574. Shou Matsumoto
fix Web site's Enlgish page is in Portuguese. Fixes 1913724. Rommel Carvalho

Release 3.4.29-BETA - 2008-05-20

Type Changes By
add Pseudocode compiler's optimization. Fixes 1968915. Shou Matsumoto
add Refactor NodeList to ArrayList or List. Fixes 1951209. Laécio Lima
add Button for pre-parsing CPT pseudocode. Fixes 1908011. Laécio Lima
add OWL / PR-OWL "compatibility". Fixes 1907899. Shou Matsumoto
fix KB's file chooser's file filter message. Fixes 1962006. Shou Matsumoto
fix Problem with the Help Pane. Fixes 1960679. Laécio Lima
fix Deleting resident and inserting a new one with same name... Fixes 1956731. Laécio Lima
fix BottomUpSSBNGenerator doesn't check if node's already there. Fixes 1956730. Laécio Lima
fix Duplicated names are acept for objects of diferents types. Fixes 1955798. Laécio Lima
fix Inserting an edge makes isA node to shrink. Fixes 1954467. Laécio Lima
fix Resident's ArgumentList is not updated properly. Fixes 1951215. Laécio Lima
fix Cannot open "global option" at BN ("normal") edition frame... Fixes 1949131. Laécio Lima
fix Arguments at CPT edition panel should be from parents. Fixes 1949125. Laécio Lima
fix No text explanation pops up at buttons in resident nodes. Fixes 1949121. Laécio Lima
fix Stack trace as a user's error message... Fixes 1949113. Shou Matsumoto
fix No default distro on CPT edition pane. Fixes 1949107. Laécio Lima
fix CPT edition panel is not inserting commas. Fixes 1949104. Laécio Lima
fix Where the hell the compiler is reporting parse error? Fixes 1949101. Shou Matsumoto
fix Can only insert comments to MFrags and nodes? Fixes 1949095. Laécio Lima
fix Compiler (or table edition panel on GUI) crushes. Fixes 1949094. Shou Matsumoto
fix Father nodes... Instead of Parents. Fixes 1949091. Laécio Lima
fix defining the resident node's parameters. Fixes 1913024. Shou Matsumoto
fix typo-error 2. Fixes 1913020. Shou Matsumoto
fix typo-error 1. Fixes 1913015. Shou Matsumoto
fix bug following tutorial. Fixes 1909774. Shou Matsumoto
fix MTheory tree collapses after edits. Fixes 1909756. Laécio Lima
fix Object entities as resident's possible value. Fixes 1907990. Shou Matsumoto
fix Problems deleting nodes (MAC). Fixes 1907974. Laécio Lima
fix Cannot deselect nodes when using MAC. Fixes 1907968. Laécio Lima
fix Changing some elements is not updating GUI (by now, MTheory). Fixes 1907954. Laécio Lima
fix We can't manipulate 2 MTheories at the same time. Fixes 1907947. Laécio Lima
fix Update GUI when loading PowerLoom findings. Fixes 1907897. Shou Matsumoto
fix Problems when pre-existing OV is resident's argument. Fixes 1907290. Shou Matsumoto